Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Life is nothing without friendship. ~Cicero

Share a picture about FRIENDSHIP with everyone!

To see other entries, please click http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/9009/.

Location at Museum Tsunami Aceh, Banda Aceh. The photo is taken from my camera Samsung Galaxy 5.


26 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

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  2. Teenagers — hanging out with their mates. They looked so relaxed. My son loves spending time with his friends too (not with his parents!)

  3. 'Ne says:

    lagi curhat apa siih? hehe.. bagus 🙂

  4. nelson RN says:

    Friendship captured.

  5. Especially for our people in Indonesia, friendship. Friendship is the way of our daily lives, terimaksih banyak sudah mampir di blog saya. Salam hormat dari jauh 😛

  6. sued51 says:

    I like the patterns in the background…contrasts well with the simplicity of the two friends.

  7. snitch21 says:

    nice pic!

  8. Nice one. Museumya keren. Itu yang bangunannya muter dua menggambarkan ombak bukan sih? Yang di atas gedungnya ada rumputnya,,,

    • sianakdesa says:

      Itulah Museum Tsunami Aceh yang di rancang oleh dosen ITB bernama Ridwan Kamil. Bisa dibilang berbentuk ombak gitu dan juga kelihatan berbentuk seperti kapal 😀 Kalau diatas gedungnya kurang tau ada rumputnya atau enggak karena blum pernah naik ke atas he..he..

  9. ailsapm says:

    Wonderful shot, and lovely quote too.

    • sianakdesa says:

      Thanks Ailsa. 🙂 I look at your photo “Travel theme: Oceans”, there are so many shades and colors for the sand and oceans. I hope will join in next week! I like your posting about travel theme. 😀

      • ailsapm says:

        Hurray, I’m excited for you to join in the travel themes, they’re so much fun, and you get to see everyone’s entries from all around the world! Look out for the next challenge shortly – later today probably! xxx Ailsa

  10. fgassette says:

    Love your friendship post. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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