Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Urban. The idea behind urban photography is to photograph your city and the streets where you grew up as they are. Unlike the photoshopped pictures to which we are accustomed nowadays, urban photography presents a more direct, unaltered view of life. It is about documenting urban living space and how people adapt their environment to certain needs and vice versa. Urban photography shots provide cultural, social, economical, and ecological context all at once, and can capture social tension.

Night Lights in Banda Aceh City

Share a picture that means URBAN to you! 

To see other entries, please click http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/weekly-photo-challenge-urban/

Location : Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Camera Model : Nikon D3100


11 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    Nice photos.

  2. elspethc says:

    these are very interesting pictures

  3. danirachmat says:

    Lampu kota malan hari memang menarik ya Mas.. 🙂 seperti ada kehidupan lain..

  4. fotological says:

    ini di jembatan penyebrangan kan motretnya? pasti abis magrib di oman 😀

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