Irfan Makki – Palestine | Official Lyrics Video

Sudah lama saya tidak posting tentang musik ya hehe.. Maklum disibukan dengan jeprat-jepret jadinya mulai jarang sekali melihat perkembangan musik di youtube. Halah. Kali ini saya kembali update tentang singel terbarunya Irfan Makki. Ibuk-ibuk, bapak-bapak dan sobat blogger semua, mari simak yuk! πŸ˜€

Saya selalu suka mendengarkan lagu-lagunya Irfan Makki. Lirik lagunya yang menyentuh dan juga musik yang enak didengar membuat saya ngefans sama penyanyi yang satu ini. πŸ˜€

Nah, hari ini awakeningrecord yang merupakan label rekamannya Irfan Makki kembali merilis video musiknya terbaru yang berjudul “Palestine”. Ingin tahu seperti apa ? Langsung saja check it out! πŸ˜€

Palestine – Lyrics:

After all this time
She’s still there waiting for me
And no matter what life throws next
She’s still there, so clear to see ,oh
Some might wonder what love is
Some might say it’s just a fantasy
Maybe once it did exist
But now is a part of history
So long gone
But my love is real
She’s the source of every long night’s dream
And before waking I give her my heart

Palestine you’re all that I need
You’re my life, the air that I breathe
Palestine you’re my heart and its key, oh
For you I’ll give, with you I am free
Forever free

Like a new born baby
I hold her close and keep her warm
For her I can face anything
And stand firm in the wildest storm, oh
And despite all the pain, all the hard times
I only love her more
And don’t you know she’s my heart and my soul?!


They keep trying to separate us with their lies
And to cast doubt about our love
Trying to say we could never last
But don’t they know that our love is older than time?!



4 comments on “Irfan Makki – Palestine | Official Lyrics Video

  1. Mila says:

    Saya baru tahu ni … πŸ™‚

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