Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Happy. There are so many things which could make you happy, so why not group them together to multiply the happiness? Here are some images which make me happy 🙂

Share (many) pictures in a gallery which mean HAPPY to you! 

To see other entries, please click  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/weekly-photo-challenge-happy/

Location : Aceh Besar, Banda Aceh- Indonesia. Camera Model : Nikon D3100


6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. Sigoese says:

    Foto masjidnya gak nguatin.. Mantabs!! 😀

  2. Amandash says:

    foto baris yang ke empaat!! makes me happy 🙂 You are good!

    • sianakdesa says:

      Wah ada pendatang baru ini hehe.. makasih mbak udah mampir di pondok sianak desa 😀 Itu semua fotonya hasil belajar jeprat-jepret aja.

  3. bro, ini setting gallerynya udah default apa ngatur sendiri komposisi dan tata letak gambarnya?

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