Story Challenge: Letter “I” | Indonesian Airways

This pictures is a Douglas DC-3 Airplane, turned into a monument to commemorating the Acehnese effort in liberating Indonesia from Dutch colonial. RI-001 Douglas-DC3 is Indonesia’s first airliner. The plane was purchased with gold, donated by the Acehnese in order to brake the blockade that the Dutch tried to impose in other parts of the Republic of Indonesia.

RI-001 “Seulawah” Named after Aceh’s Gold Mountain volcano, Seulawah was Indonesia’s mythical first airliner. This The monument is located in Blang Padang, Banda Aceh.

Share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “I”. For other story, please visit

Location : Banda Aceh-Indonesia. The photo is taken from my camera Nikon D3100.


21 comments on “Story Challenge: Letter “I” | Indonesian Airways

  1. pitaloka89 says:

    Ayo mas, katanya mau kasih tantangan. I’m ready now 😀

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