Horse-fly is the most widely-used English common name for members of the family Tabanidae. Apart from the common name “horse-flies”, broad categories of biting, bloodsucking Tabanidae are variously known as breeze flies,clegs or clags, deer flies, gadflies, or zimbs. (wikipedia)

The Tabanidae are true flies, that is to say, members of the insect order Diptera. I found this species at Aceh Besar, Indonesia. I found this Horse-fly in my village.

Location : Gue Gajah, Aceh Besar – Indonesia. Camera Model Nikon D3100 Lens Fix 50mm f/1.8 + Raynox DCR 250.


4 comments on “Horse-fly

  1. Bro…beneran itu mata laler-nya keren cetar membahana? Jatuh cinta ama mata sang laler… 😀

  2. HAKEEM says:

    top markatop saya suka photo2nya, salam dari Banjarmasin !

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